Bamboo fiber and its properties.

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Bamboo fiber and its properties.

The raw material for the manufacturing of bamboo fiber is raw (crude) natural bamboo aged 3-4 years, from which bamboo cellulose is obtained with the help of modern scientific technologies. Then yarn is made from cellulose and cloth is made from yarn. 

Bamboo things are quite durable, have well-kept color, amazingly pleasant to the touch, comfortable while having contact with the skin, have a beautiful appearance and a healing effect.

The main advantages of the bamboo fiber are the fiber structure of micropores and microholes and natural antibacterial properties. Due to its remarkable natural features and high-tech process of processing bamboo fiber is a unique innovation in the field of textile production.

The advantages of bamboo:

• Pure natural fiber

• Free from pesticides

• Light, soft, warm

• Due to the unique antibacterial properties, it limits the growth of bacteria

• Provides hygiene by limiting the formation of dust and mold, prevents the formation of odors

• Maintains an optimal level of moisture depending on the ambient temperature: dry and warm during the winter, cool and dry during the summer.

• Keeps its unique properties even after repeated washes and dryings. 

Bamboo fiber is an eco-friendly base for the creation of the filler of new generation used in the manufacturing of blankets and pillows with high consumer properties. Laboratory studies have confirmed that bamboo has natural antibacterial and deodorizing functions allowing to deal with the emergence and development of disease-causing microbes. Bamboo fiber is characterized bylongevity, endurance and durability. It does not cause any irritation to human skin, is ideal for people who suffer from allergies and asthma. Blankets and pillows on the basis of bamboo fiber perfectly come though the multiple cycles of washes and dryings, have an optimum level of moisture absorption, providing comfort during sleep, have a remarkable ability to venting and high levels of purity. Wonderful natural properties and high-tech recycling process make bamboo fiber a unique innovative product of the textile production.

Bamboo fiber is a type of regenerated cellulose fiber madeof the crude material of bamboo meat. In thinness and whiteness it resembles classic viscose and has high strength. Products are unusually soft and shiny as silk. Due to the special weaving bamboo fiber has a "breathable" properties and keeps coolness. Products made of bamboo fiber are resistant to the conditions of the machine wash. Scientists have found that bamboo fibers have a special antibacterial substance which is called "Bamboo ban". Even after fifty washes bamboo fabric remains antibacterial and stops the growth of bacteria.


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